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Welcome to the Website for the infamous Quadrilateral Newspaper!

02/08/02                                                                                                                   Logan has submitted a reader article!


These things take time, and not everyone, i.e. me, knows how to use HTML, so any and all criticism will be accepted.  Also, voice your opinions to me or feel free to ask questions in the forums, I will happily explain or discuss with you, because, well, I'm not in HIP.


Please sign our guestbook to offer comments and or just take a peek.

Any ongoing discussions may be taken to the Forum.

You can decide on your own whether the deans were right to give a student 5 days OSS for a piece of paper that is obviously satire.  If you want details on what happened.  Here is a briefer on student's rights in the area of freedom of expression provided by the ACLU.  Each opinion is of a person's own.  Another brief is the Student Press Law Center's on Libel Law.  


So you all might know who I am...but I still like the picture.


Disclaimer:  We hold no hostilities against those mentioned within these pages.  Humor is good for the soul, won't you have a serving?  By the way, we're not associated with the Triangle, Columbus North High School, or BCSC in any way, shape, or form.

Courtesy of one bored student
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